ParaSwap is expanding its DeFi reach by bringing its V5 aggregation technology to the Avalanche community. The collaboration with Avalanche started one week ago with the Avalanche Rush program. We’re very excited to move forward and to join forces with the Avalanche Foundation. Our common goal is to increase trading efficiency and to improve DeFi’s liquidity in Avalanche.

Avalanche integration came with 13 DEXS on ParaSwap, including its new partner Pangolin, as well as TraderJoe and SushiSwap. Curve, Kyber DMM are next in line. …

ParaSwap is pleased to announce that we will integrate Chainlink Keepers on Ethereum to bring limit order functionality to our DEX aggregator protocol. Chainlink Keepers use decentralized and provably reliable off-chain computation to monitor user-defined conditions and then call on-chain functions once conditions are satisfied. ParaSwap will leverage Chainlink Keepers to trigger the execution of users’ limit orders when asset prices cross predefined price points. This will empower traders to better manage their portfolios and hedge against volatility without manual interventions, ultimately helping them sleep better at night.

ParaSwap is a DEX aggregator that routes users’ trades through one or…

Let the competition begin 🔥

Dear ParaSwap Community,

Thank you for believing in us and our mission to create the best middleware for global value exchange.

In order to get the word out, we’ve decided to host a MEME competition! We want to see the best memes you can create about ParaSwap and how it’s a game-changer in the DEX trading space.

As you know, we just launched ParaSwap P4, and it already proved to be the most gas and price-effective smart contract to route your trades through. It is now the celebration, and getting the word out of time, and we can only lean…

REDUX Gas Token

This is no news: Gas fees suck and gas prices are getting comfortable in new heights. Just blame it on the market… But hold it! There’s a spark of hope for your future transactions: tokenize your gas with REDUX Gas Token. If you get it right you might feel a 2019 vibe when checking that gas fee. Yep, that’s right your gas fee might sink if you understand how to utilize REDUX.

What is REDUX?

REDUX is a new cutting-edge gas token, part of the new ParaSwap version: P4. It allows users to reduce gas spending by up to 50%. This ERC20-standard gas…

1000 $MLN to be distributed to ParaSwap users

Thank you for sharing this reward with the DeFi community and beyond. We’re happy to see your excitement for MLN token.

Enzyme Finance, formerly Melon Protocol, is one of the first DeFi projects (before DeFi had a name). Their goal is to build an entire asset management system onchain, aka the future of financial infrastructure.

The MLN token, created by Enzyme Finance, is used to pay for various functions throughout the fund creation process and investment lifecycle.

You’ll find here below the most popular FAQ we could collect since we’ve announced this reward launch. Please read these carefully!

With no…

We’re rolling out the new version of our interface (v3) as well as an update of our contracts packing several upgrades!

Most of the improvements focus on pricing and gas efficiency of course, yet the new UI also makes the experience much more explicit. Let’s see how!

A fresh new look for ParaSwap’s interface

The first iteration of ParaSwap’s UI was minimalist and appreciated by some, but we felt we could definitely improve the clarity and communicate better on the value ParaSwap is delivering. The new interface brings several welcome additions:

For every trade, you’ll find the full route explained right below the chart. If you hover…

As we just concluded (and announced) our $2.7M seed round, we’d like to take the time to share insight on our vision of where DeFi is going and what role will ParaSwap fulfill in the ecosystem.

2020: The Summer of DeFi

The summer of 2020 was explosive for DeFi! The $1 billion locked in DeFi was a significant milestone crossed in June and it soon led to other records. There are now over $8.5 billion locked in DeFi.

However, the real story lies beyond the figures — which are a delayed indicator of the shift at play.

Monolith users can now swap ERC/ETH-20 tokens straight from the app & at the best rates, thanks to their ParaSwap integration.

Monolith — a non-custodial contract wallet paired with a debit card to spend your ETH & ERC-20 in real life — just released an integration of ParaSwap in the wallet mobile application to facilitate their users’ swaps. It marks another milestone for both projects to facilitate easy access to a clear and convenient token exchange service.

The Monolith Account

Monolith offers a contract wallet to help users secure their assets, as well as a visa debit card so they can spend conveniently. It effectively provides an Ethereum wallet one step away from a purchase in the real-world through the card.

With the addition…

A comprehensive guide to bring you up to speed and explain useful concepts to understand to make the most of ParaSwap.

ParaSwap quickstart: everything you need to know to swap like a pro

A comprehensive guide to bring you up to speed and explain useful concepts to understand to make the most of ParaSwap.

At Paraswap, we take pride in staying on the cutting edge of DeFi, constantly assessing the latest technology and seeing how it can integrate with our existing services. In fact, maintaining strong composability has been a major component of Paraswap’s success as a DEX aggregator, having integrated 15 different liquidity providers since inception.

In an effort to continue evolving, we have shifted some of our focus towards improving Paraswap’s oracle mechanism — an area of particular importance considering it’s the basis for comparing asset prices across different exchanges.

After extensive research into price oracle solutions, we are thrilled to announce…


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