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1000 $MLN to be distributed to ParaSwap users

Thank you for sharing this reward with the DeFi community and beyond. We’re happy to see your excitement for MLN token.

Enzyme Finance, formerly Melon Protocol, is one of the first DeFi projects (before DeFi had a name). Their goal is to build an entire asset management system onchain, aka the future of financial infrastructure.

The MLN token, created by Enzyme Finance, is used to pay for various functions throughout the fund creation process and investment lifecycle.

You’ll find here below the most popular FAQ we could collect since we’ve announced this reward launch. Please read these carefully!

With no further ado…let the swaps begin & happy farming 🧑‍🌾😊👩‍🌾

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1- What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Swaps that happen between Wed Feb 10, 2021, 00:00 UTC and Tue Feb 16, 2021, 23:59 UTC.
  • Swaps amount equal to or higher than 250$ (Max(sold Token, bought token))
  • Swaps that happen on both ParaSwap contracts V2 and V3:

2- Will I get 1000 MLN for each swap I make on ParaSwap?

No. Please read our announcement again and carefully read this FAQ. The 1000 MLN will be distributed between all participants that comply with the participation rules. They’ll need to swap amounts equal to or higher than 250 $ for each eligible transaction. The percentage of the spent gas that you’ll get back on your Wallet can go up to 50% of the spent gas. However, no percentage is guaranteed since we can’t anticipate how many users will be concerned and how much gas fees they will accumulate.

i.e. for a transaction of 5 ETH for which you’ve paid 0.02 ETH in gas fee the maximum amount you can get is the equivalent of 0.01 ETH in MLN. However, if there are a lot of participants you might get less than 30% or 40% or any other percentage below 50%… We don’t guarantee any minimum percentage of how much of your gas fee you’ll get back.

3- How will the price of MLN — ETH be calculated?

We’ll use API in order to determine the price. We’ll use a median daily price to simplify conversions.

4- How can I signup to participate in this rewards program?

ParaSwap is “just a software” that requires no account, you are in control 😉

Just connect your favorite wallet and make the swaps here instead of an ugly place (just kidding 😄) And by the way we have several third-party partners that are very user friendly, even for newbies. You are more than welcome in using them.

Please note that although there’s no signup to participate, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and claim your reward.

5- How can I claim my MLN?

We’ll provide a simple UI for your to claim. You’ll have to sign a message with your wallet and we’ll send you the MLNs (to save you gas 😎)

6- Until when should I claim?

You have 7 days (until Tuesday 23, 2021, 23:59 UTC) to claim by signing the transaction with your wallet, otherwise, the MLNs will be distributed to other users.

7- Can I do multiple transactions? Is there a maximum amount?

Do as many transactions as you want, the goal is to build useful products that the community loves and uses multiple times. So no, there is no maximum amount or number of transactions.

8- What if my transaction fails? Will the Gas fee be eligible for this program?

Only the transactions that succeed are eligible for this program. Therefore if the transaction is failed, even if you’ve spent a Gas fee, it won’t be eligible for the program.

9- Do Approve/Unlock transactions count?

No, because they don’t happen on our smart contract.

10- Can I choose to have the MLN transferred to another wallet? What if I’ll lose access to the wallet from which I did my eligible swap(s)?

Sadly no. That’s why we encourage you to use highly secure wallets such as Argent and Monolith.

11- Can I choose not to participate in this rewards program?

Yes. Just don’t claim it & we’ll re-distribute it to others 😉

12- Can I return the MLN I get to ParaSwap? Can I cancel my claim?

You can’t but... why don't you use it to support new cool DeFi projects in Gitcoin or just sell it in ParaSwap? :)

13- What if I use a third-party app?

We encourage you to use ParaSwap through a third-party app. Our partners offer state of the art user experience and we’ll take care of you very well 😍

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DISCLAIMER: this is not financial advice, all ParaSwap users are fully responsible for the decisions they make — if they want to make the trade and the amount they want to trade. No minimum percentage of the reward is guaranteed, only the maximum limit has been established. ParaSwap will ensure the transfer of MLN to your wallet but you should make sure that your wallet is safe and that you can retrieve the funds. ParaSwap can’t be responsible for any security issue or hack outside its platform.

Taxes: The participant is solely responsible to verify any procedures that she/he will need to take to be compliant with their tax authority. ParaSwap can’t assist you with any legal or tax-related procedures.




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