ParaSwap launches The first NFT P2P mobile trading app on iOS

4 min readJun 20, 2022

Game changer features and crypto management at your fingertips. We’re proudly launching the Beta Launch Program to let our community and new joiners explore the full power of our app.

Game-changing features and full service access on mobile

A one-stop-shop at the fingertips, the ParaSwap mobile app is designed to bring together ParaSwap as an ecosystem, opening users up to a treasury of crypto management tools. Beyond trading at the best rates with the highest efficiency, users can also store tokens and trade NFTs on ParaSwap like nowhere else in the market.

Just like how you experience our services on your desktop, the iOS app also offers our full suite of services. Using a single app, you can now access all our features in one place: buying crypto with fiat, store & manage crypto assets, and trade P2P NFTs.

In a nutshell here’s what you can do and the perks you’ll get when using the ParaSwap iOS app:

Innovating to empower users: P2P NFT trading on mobile is now possible

NFTs and metaverse assets are here, and they are here to stay! Our vision is to help build its development and bring breakthrough services that will empower DeFi users. As such, we have been working on integrating NFT storage and P2P trading functionality into the ParaSwap mobile App. You can finally buy & sell in the token of your choosing, independently of the other party’s token choice. The offers given in the trade will be completely gasless until executed, enabling for a complete trading experience contained purely within the app.

Introducing on-ramp service: buying crypto with fiat has never been easier & now with 0 fees

Whether you are a newcomer in crypto or want to allocate more funds from the legacy financial system onto the crypto ecosystem, the ParaSwap iOS mobile app is partnering with Ramp to offer you a handy way to buy crypto using your debit or credit card, bank wire transfer, etc.

Even better, your newly bought crypto will go directly to your own crypto wallet instead of a custodial exchange wallet, meaning you’ll have full control over your assets from the moment you buy them.

Our partnership with Ramp simplifies fiat hop to crypto! To celebrate our ParaSwAPP launch, our partner will give this fee wave-off to the first 500k or during a three weeks period to all first buys of a Ramp user in any chain, except for Ethereum.

Store & manage crypto assets: fluid UX and seamless integrations

Managing your crypto in different wallets is easier on the ParaSwap iOS mobile app. The app is integrated with some of the top dApps, protocols, and tools on the market. Thanks to this, our app allows you to store, access, and manage your assets in one place without compromising on your control over them.

Swap crypto like a pro. Up to 100% gas refunds (oh yeah!)

On the ParaSwap mobile app, you can access our core DEX aggregator service. You can swap cryptos at the best rates on the market, and enjoy up to 100% gas refunds! Please check our Discord post for details.

But first, top-notch security. No compromise.

As mentioned at the beginning, security comes second to none at ParaSwap. The ParaSwap mobile App is designed for you to manage your crypto carefree, with full control over your assets, and at the highest level of security. You can keep control of data sharing and iCloud backups, ensuring your data goes only where you want it to go.

Built by the users, for the users

The ParaSwap iOS mobile app represents an important piece of the puzzle in our ecosystem, enabling users to store, trade, and manage their crypto on the go seamlessly. When we designed the app from the ground up, user experience came only second to security. However, it was clear to us that only some code tweaks were far from enough to perfect the experience for our users. We needed genuine, first-hand, and down-to-earth feedback to do so. As such, during its pre-beta testing, we invited a small group of our selected users to join the development process, ensuring the app’s core functionalities, design, and features are smooth and easy to use.

Excited about this? Hurry, open beta waitlist closing soon!

Interested in becoming our beta tester? We are allowing 10,000 users to access the Beta Launch Program of the ParaSwap iOS mobile App before everyone else!

If you are staking at least $100 in PSP , your access is mostly granted and you only need to register your email address . The anonymization of the registration is handled by Zero-Knowledge (ZK) attestations powered by Sismo.

Moreover, a waiting list is now open to users that are neither stakers nor holders of PSP. Your position on the list will be based on the reach of your social sharing. Earn 1 point per channel (Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email) and 3 points for every friend you sign up.

Here are more details on how to participate and to check your eligibility.

Let’s keep building it together! You in?

The launch of the iOS app is just the beginning of our expansion to the mobile space. More new features will become available as we continue to develop the app and improve the experience. Given this successful beta testing with our community, we will also explore opportunities to welcome the wider engagement of our community in improving our products.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!




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