ParaSwap MEME competition

Let the competition begin 🔥

Dear ParaSwap Community,

Thank you for believing in us and our mission to create the best middleware for global value exchange.

In order to get the word out, we’ve decided to host a MEME competition! We want to see the best memes you can create about ParaSwap and how it’s a game-changer in the DEX trading space.

As you know, we just launched ParaSwap P4, and it already proved to be the most gas and price-effective smart contract to route your trades through. It is now the celebration, and getting the word out of time, and we can only lean on our most loyal community for this. Thus, we have humbly decided to reward our community through an incentive that can visualize what we have built.

Thus, here comes the ParaSwap MEME Contest! Put your talents to the test and send us your best memes about ParaSwap, and how it revolutionizes DEX aggregated trading.

Memes can be about: ParaSwap, P4, Hopper (new algo), REDUX (gas token), Polygon integration & ComethSwap usage :)

Get a chance to earn $1000 USD in MUST 🔥

🥇 1st price: $1000 in $MUST

🥈 2nd price: $500 in $MUST

🥉 3rd price: $300 in $MUST

MUST is the token behind a great project called Cometh. It’s is a DeFi powered game with yield-generating NFT. Learn more here.

The rules are simple: Make a high-quality, unique, original, and creative GIF and/or image. Tweets with hashtags: #ParaSwap4 #P4Contest on this article’s tweet.

The submission deadline is: Friday 23/04/21 at 6 pm UTC 🔥

Winners will be announced next Friday 23/04/21 at 8 pm UTC 🔥

Let only the most creative survive!

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice, all ParaSwap users are fully responsible for the decisions they make.

Taxes: The participant is solely responsible to verify any procedures that she/he will need to take to be compliant with their tax authority. ParaSwap can’t assist you with any legal or tax-related procedures.



Best prices out of multiple decentralized exchanges #DEX #Ethereum #DeFi

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Best prices out of multiple decentralized exchanges #DEX #Ethereum #DeFi